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Dr. Joe Underwood

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This page will post announcements and news for the flag football association.

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Preseason Classics:
Start Feb 12, 2024 / Feb 17, 2024.

First Regular Season Game:
Starts Feb 19, 2024


Officiating Information

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As we head into playoff games please keep in mind that we will continue to have water breaks when there are two Miami (GMAC) teams playing, however, since Broward does not have water breaks, if we have a Miami-Broward playoff game, we will not have water breaks for those games.  Also, whether timing on the field or with a visible clock and an assigned Timer, the clock should be wound after all water breaks.

If it’s a 3-person crew and there ARE hash marks on the field then the marker shall be placed appropriately like in football. If the run is up the middle the marker is 
placed in the middle. If the play ends outside the hash marks in a side zone, then the marker shall be placed at the nearest hash mark. In both cases, by rule, the 
ball should be placed next to the marker.

If there are no hash marks, the Referee on a 3-person crew can keep the marker basically in the middle of the field. If the snapper wants to move off that spot,
then I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

If it’s a 2-person crew and both officials are on the sideline, the Referee will place the marker on the sideline and try to get the snapper to line up in line with the marker.
If that marker is on the sideline and the snapper wants to move to her left or right then that is also something I wouldn’t worry about, however, once again if there ARE 
hash marks then the ball “should” be placed at the appropriate spot, but since we’ll be on the sidelines it’s more difficult to manage and we’ll just have to do our best.

Playoff games should not be a problem since we’ll have 4-person crews (hopefully in all cases).

The clock starts when the ball is legally snapped and will run continuously for the first 12-minutes  first  and third quater unless it is stopped for a team timeout or a referee stoppage of play. Each team is entitled to (3) charged timeouts per game and must be requested by the designated team captain or Head Coach. Any unused timeouts will not carry over into overtime.

Second and Fourth quaters when the time reaches 2 minutes, the time is maintain as a regular game stopage.

The home team shall wear the darker-colored jersey. The visiting team shall wear the lighter-colored jersey.

Players of opposing teams must wear contrasting solid-colored jerseys, without pockets, numbered on the front and back. Numbers must be the same color on the front and back of the jersey. The number on the front of the jersey must be a minimum of 6 inches in height and centered. The number on the back of the jersey must be a minimum of 8 inches in height and centered. Numbers must be of solid color contrasting with the color of the shirt.  The number may have a contrasting color border, which shall not exceed 1/4 inch. No players on the same team shall wear identical numbers.

No pockets of any type are permitted. Pockets cannot be covered or taped.