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Field Goals Longer Than 40 Yards In High School Should Be Worth 4 Points

Written By: Enrique Melo

Miami Dade Football Official for 14 years.

February 14, 2023

The idea of awarding more points for field goals longer than 40 yards in high school football is an interesting proposal, but it ultimately depends on the rules and regulations set by the governing bodies of high school sports in your area. The rules for high school sports are typically determined by state high school athletic associations or similar organizations.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Tradition: High school sports often adhere to long-standing traditions and rules. Any proposed changes would need to take into account the history and traditions of the sport in your area.
  2. Safety: Altering point values for field goals could potentially affect game strategy and player safety. Coaches and administrators should consider how this change might impact the game.
  3. Equity: Changes to scoring can impact competitive balance. It’s important to consider how this might affect different teams and players.
  4. Consistency: High school sports aim to provide a consistent experience for all participants. Any rule changes should be carefully considered to ensure fairness and consistency across different regions and states.

If you believe that this change would be beneficial for high school football in your area, you should reach out to your state’s high school athletic association or a relevant governing body and provide a well-reasoned proposal for their consideration. They will evaluate the proposal and decide whether or not to implement it, taking into account the factors mentioned above. Keep in mind that changes to the rules of any sport typically undergo a thorough review process before being implemented.

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